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Holiday Lighting installation tips every homeowner must know about!

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Are you a homeowner? Is the approaching holiday season already giving you sleepless nights as you struggle to figure out how holiday lighting installation really works? Well then, you have run into the right article! Here are four lighting installation tips to get you started on your holiday lighting journey.

# Don’t fancy your way into a fracture!

We’ve all fallen victim trying to keep up with a trend we saw on social media- especially those elaborate holiday displays that fill our feed. But, nobody wants to celebrate Christmas with a broken foot either. If this is your first time experimenting with holiday lighting installation without professional holiday light installers, then it is best to keep the designs simple and approachable.

# Keep an eye out for wiring faults 

When it comes to lighting installation, wiring faults can be a real pain. Oftentimes when you leave holiday lights in storage for a year, they won’t turn on for the next holiday season! On top of that, it gets even worse if you discover the faults too close to the holiday and have to brave the busy stores. If you want to take holiday lighting matters into your own hands this year, it is best to check all of the lights early!

# Waterproof lighting for the win

Outdoor lighting is always at the mercy of nature. Even if Mother Nature were to spare them, it is South Florida and the lights are likely to run into moisture when stored. If you expect your holiday lighting to last several years, it is best to invest in waterproof products- they will save you time and money in the long run, but most importantly, save added stress during the holiday season!

# How much is too much? 

This is an answer that only an expert can deliver to you. When dealing with holiday lighting installation by yourself, you are always at the risk of an overwhelming workload and underwhelming results. Years of experience can help you gain better clarity, but hiring a professional holiday lighting company is a great place to start

There are just a few tips from seasoned professionals. Like every other skill, understanding holiday lighting installation takes time. Feel like you don’t have the time to learn it all? There’s a solution to that- professional holiday light installers. 


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