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Spring Flowers + Plants for your South Florida Yard!

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Looking to bring a pop of color into your yard this season? While choosing the flower is all about your personal preference, you can’t go wrong with the following selection of flowers that are suitable for steamy South Florida weather!

  • Lantana- You can find lantana flowers in almost any color you can think of. These beautiful flowers grow in clusters and can bloom almost all year round!
  • Ixora- This plant can also bloom almost all year round! These flowers are generally red, orange, or pink clusters with small petals. 
  • Milkweed- I always suggest milkweed to my friends and family if they are looking to attract butterflies into their garden!
  • Bougainvillea- I’m sure you’ll recognize these bright purple flowers! bougainvillea plants LOVE sun, making them perfect for South Florida!
  • Plumbago- These blue flowers will be the perfect addition to your SoFlo garden! Plumbago plants thrive in sunlight and looks great with other plants.

We can’t wait to see which flowers you choose for your garden! Be sure to tag us on Instagram to share your finished results!