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5 Holiday decoration tips

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Well, Christmas is around the corner and it’s time to create loving memories with family and friends once again. But do you know what makes this the best holiday of the year? Yes, you are right: the decorations! This is the time of the year when we all get to experience a winter wonderland no matter how big or small.

North Pole Lighting has been serving Palm Beach County for over 10 years and here are our top 5 tips for Christmas decorations!

Measurement is important

We all know our home like the back of our hand, however, it’s always recommended to do all the measurements first before laying out any plan or design. This is the first step in planning your decorations for your winter wonderland.

Color is queen

Life would be incomplete without colors and selecting the right color plays a huge role in making your home the winter wonderland of your dreams. Just like you decide the color of that perfect holiday outfit, choose a color scheme that suits your house and its surroundings.

Try giving it a twist

Traditional Christmas decorations are always great, but this time try giving it a twist by using a few of your interior decoration ornaments for the exterior of your home. They won’t make up the bulk of your decorations but are more like the cherry on top.

Don’t forget about the backyard

Most people go all-in for the front yard, but leave out the backyard! The backyard is also part of the home and it should also be decorated with the same efforts as the front. Decorations in your backyard can be a surprising extension of the holiday spirit for family and friends alike.

Lighting is king

If the color is queen, then lighting is the king! Lights give your Christmas decorations that “WOW” factor and are the final and most important touch. Choosing the best light for your home type is very important. If you have a modern home go with modern lighting and a traditional lighting scheme for a traditional home. Don’t use a combination of LED and conventional lighting in the same area of your home, as the difference in their brightness is noticeable.

Why worry about your decorations when there are plenty of other important things like gifts and holiday parties to focus on? Take some of the stress out of the holiday season by having your decorations professionally taken care of.

North Pole Lighting is here for your rescue, with more than 10 years of expertise in providing the perfect lighting solution for your home. Let us do what we do best so you can spend time with your loved one this holiday season.